Puma S3 Hro Moto Protect Safety Shoes Mens Go338375E

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  • Model [Go338375E]
    Puma S3 Hro Moto Protect Safety Shoes Mens Go338375E

    S3 HRO Moto Protect Safety Shoes:PUMA Moto Protect Shoes. When you want safety, but also style.
    • Protective plastic cap: Antimagnetic and lightweight, provides thermal insulation.
    • PU midsole with L-protection: Flexible and cushioned with enhanced protection against perforation.
    • Shaft of lubricated cowhide leather: Sturdy and easy to clean.
    • BreathActive lining absorbs moisture and channels it outwards.
    • Evercushion Gel Moto: Breathable, antibacterial footbed with joint support.
    • Shock-absorbing gel pack in the heel section. Prevents injuries and muscle fatigue.
    • iCell midsole for natural walking: Improves comfort, stability and guidance of the shoes.
    • Motorsport-inspired HRO rubber sole with Flex grooves: Comfortable and high-performance.
    • Rounded driver's heel to support the natural rolling movement of the foot. Pure racing look.
    • Compact lacing and hook and loop closure for a secure grip. Reduced risk of injury.