Puma S3 Hro Scuff Caps Safety Shoes Mens Ax667702N

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  • Model [Ax667702N]
    Puma S3 Hro Scuff Caps Safety Shoes Mens Ax667702N

    S3 HRO Scuff Caps Safety Shoes:PUMA boots. The perfect combination of protection and comfort during your working day.
    • Protective plastic cap: Antimagnetic and lightweight, provides thermal insulation.
    • Raised extended cap in the toe section. More protection when you work a lot on your knees.
    • Midsole with L-protection and PS Zero: Increases protection against perforation and is more flexible.
    • Cordura fabric: Extremely durable, enduring and very comfortable.
    • Shaft of lubricated cowhide leather: Sturdy and easy to clean.
    • BreathActive lining absorbs moisture and channels it outwards.
    • Anatomically formed Evercomfort footbed: Antibacterial, breathable and with shock absorption.
    • Coarsely studded Scuff Caps HRO rubber sole: For a firm grip and resistance to heat of up to 300°.
    • EverFlex decoupling point: Always firm contact when the heel touches the ground.
    • Manufactured without metal parts: Even more lightweight and comfortable, do not trigger metal detectors.
    • VolumePlus for more space in the toe section. Optimum comfort up to shoe size 48.